Equitable Health

Each person having the same opportunity to achieve optimal health.

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The Advocacy Workgroup appraises and recommends public policy opportunities which could make a sustained impact on the health of individuals most at risk for heart disease and stroke. It evaluates and prioritizes  policies which will eliminated food deserts, make it easier and safer to be physically active in communities, and improve access to quality care.

There are five public policy priorities for the American Heart Association:

Tobacco Free – Eliminate tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Quality Systems of Care – Create inclusive and coordinated systems of care to improve the early recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest patients.

Healthy Eating – Improve the food environment to make it easier for Americans to eat a heart healthy diet.

Active Living – Create environments to that allow Americans to be more physically active in their everyday lives.

Access to Care – Ensure all Americans have access to healthcare that is high quality, affordable and includes the benefits needed to prevent and treat heart disease and stroke.

Based on these priorities, the Advocacy Workgroup has recommended pursuing the following public policy issues locally:

  • Sugary Drink Taxes
  • Ensuring Access to Healthcare
  • Tobacco 21
  • Shared Youth – Physical Activity
  • Complete Streets
  • Incentives to Healthy Corner Stores